Norval Botes Maritz De Wit Genealogy

I have a keen interest in our Norval Family history and have been for a number of years been researching the people and surnames that have contributed to me being here. The surname Maritz comes from my wife’s side of the family and I am slowly gathering information on their family history.

Old Photographs of Norval, Viljoen and Adendorff

These photographs were scanned from my Grandmother (Fredrika Jacoba Viljoen) and Grandfather’s (Abraham Joseph Norval) photo album.

Problem is that I don’t know who the majority of the people were.

Family tree includes the following surnames

Adendorff,Anderson, Beetga, Bekker, Bosch, Botes, Nobbs, Botha, Bredenkamp, Brewers, Calitz, Carrington, Clark, Coetzee, de Jager, de Jong, de Vries, de Witt, Dell, Dixie, du Plessis, Egan, Emmenes, Erasmus, Esterhuizen, Fourie, Foyar, Frederick, Gouse, Gray, Herbst, Heyneman, Itzen, Jager, Joubert, Karelse, Kinnear, Kruger, Le Roux, Lodden, Lotter, Maritz, Meyer, Moerkerken, Murray, Olivier, Piner, Potgieter, Pretorius, Prinsloo, Rossouw, Sanders, Smith, Snyders, Spies, Steenkamp, Steyn, Strydom, Taljaart, van Blerk, van Killer, van den Kaap, van der Berg, van Huesteen, van Moerkerken, van Niekerk, van Rooyen, van Straaten, van Staden, Viljoen, Vrey, Walsh, Watson, Watt, Weeber, White, Wian.

ArchiBald Joseph Norval and Manie Maritz R.I.P

In loving memory of my Father Archie and Father In Law Manie Maritz. We will never forget you and you will be in our hearts forever.