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  • Easy Homemade Pickled Chili Recipe
    This recipe makes a quick and simple batch of delightfully tangy Homemade Pickled Chili perfect for adding a spicy punch to any dish. Pickled Chili Ingredients: Instructions: Tips: Delicious ways to enjoy Pickled Chili Pickled chilies offer a vibrant punch of spicy and tangy flavor, and their versatility shines in many culinary applications. Here are… Read more: Easy Homemade Pickled Chili Recipe
  • Thermal Barcode Printer
    If you are looking for an entry level Thermal Barcode Printer then look no further than the IDPRT ID4S. The ID4S is a direct thermal barcode and label printer that uses no ribbon to print on special thermal paper labels. These paper labels are specially made to turn black when heat is applied to them.… Read more: Thermal Barcode Printer
  • How to Stay Positive in a Negative World
    Staying positive can be difficult, especially when the world around us seems to be filled with so much negativity. But it is important to remember that our thoughts and attitudes have a big impact on our happiness and well-being. When we choose to focus on the positive, we are more likely to experience positive emotions… Read more: How to Stay Positive in a Negative World
  • Benoni Bunny Park
    As far back as 1936 with more than 1900 stands, Rynfield was proclaimed. During the mid 1960’s the City Council then took position of the open areas of Rynfield and discovered that these areas were not registered in the name of the Council. The piece of land that was bordered by Pretoria Road, Davidson Street,… Read more: Benoni Bunny Park
  • Werewolf sightings in Benoni
    Real werewolf sightings have been reported across the world and throughout history. Investigators speculate that these sightings could be misidentified Bigfoot sightings, physically deformed (diseased) humans, or the human imagination. Whatever you believe, sightings persist even today. There are cases throughout history where sightings turn out to be caused by a human. However, in other… Read more: Werewolf sightings in Benoni
  • Exploring the Mysterious World of the Paranormal
    Explore the mysterious and fascinating world of the paranormal with this comprehensive guide. Learn about the different types of paranormal activities and events, the history of paranormal research, and how to safely explore the paranormal yourself. Discover the secrets of the paranormal and gain a better understanding of the supernatural.
  • Barcode Scanner to read Barcodes on Screens
    I often get asked for an inexpensive barcode scanner that will read barcodes on screens. There are applications where a barcode, either 1D or 2D, needs to be scanned on a smartphone screen. There are many of the CCD type scanners that are capable of this. A few days ago I tested a few and… Read more: Barcode Scanner to read Barcodes on Screens
  • Stress during Covid 19 Pandemic
    The corona virus hit our shores here in South Africa in March 2020. At the time of writing this article it has been with us for 16 months. The stress levels during covid 19 are starting to show in many peoples lives. What does Covid 19 stand for ‘CO’ stands for CORONA, ‘VI’ for Virus… Read more: Stress during Covid 19 Pandemic
  • About the Venus Flytrap
    I have for years been growing two Venus Flytrap plants and it has been most satisfying. Many people believe that they are difficult to keep alive but its actually quite easy. The Venus Flytrap’s scientific name is Dionaea muscipula and its native to the subtropical wetlands on the East Coast of the United States in North Carolina and South Carolina. They can however be… Read more: About the Venus Flytrap
  • Sundew Carnivorous Plant
    Another great Carnivorous Plant to grow is the Sundew or Drosera. The Sundew is also relatively easy to grow and keep alive here in South Africa. According to what I have read, the sundew is native to most continents where the temperature is warm to hot with a lot of moisture and rain. They are,… Read more: Sundew Carnivorous Plant
  • Natural Treatment for Gout You Can Try At Home
    This is my personal Natural Treatment for Gout that I have been experimenting with for a number of years. I had been suffering the excruciating pain since around my mid 30’s. This is by no means a medical remedy but it has worked for me. I have not had another attack of gout for approximately… Read more: Natural Treatment for Gout You Can Try At Home
  • Touch Mobile Computer | Cipherlab RS35
    Efficiency, Versatility and Slim Design for Competitive Advantages The CipherLab RS35 touch mobile computer is the device that brings enterprise class features through a pocketable consumer style smartphone with rugged designs. The RS35 focuses on the versatility of its features, and it aims to provide its users the ability to deliver a positive customer experience,… Read more: Touch Mobile Computer | Cipherlab RS35
  • Rump Steak Pan Grilled to Perfection
    Grilled rump steak on the menu for Sunday lunch together with traditional South African Pap with spicy tomato sauce. What could be nicer. I decided to rather grill the steak in a pan than braai outside due to the rainy weather we have been having lately. Not fun having your braai interrupted by a shower.… Read more: Rump Steak Pan Grilled to Perfection
  • NG Kerk in Reaper Street Farrarmere
    I was a member of the Afrikaans Dutch Reformed Church (NG Kerk) virtually my whole life which started in 1963. Even though I didn’t attend many of the services over the last few years, the church had been an anchor in my life. My family had so much history that revolved around the Church. My… Read more: NG Kerk in Reaper Street Farrarmere
  • Homemade Chicken Curry Recipe
    Today’s lunch will be a lovely spicy Homemade Chicken Curry with soft fluffy potatoes. The nice thing about making curry dishes at home is that you can control the amount of heat that comes from the curry. There are quite a few varieties of curries you can use ranging from mild to fire hot. My… Read more: Homemade Chicken Curry Recipe
  • Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce
    Sweet Chilli Sauce using Fresh Chillies A really easy Sweet Chilli Sauce Recipe Pour 1 cup of water into a saucepan Use about 5 nice sized red or green chilies – put these in the water and boil for about 10 minutes Pour the water and chilies from the saucepan into a blender Blend for… Read more: Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • How to Braai the South African way
    One thing I have noticed is that some people complicate everything related to a braai. It should be fun where family and friends can gather around a fire and just enjoy themselves. Keeping things simple Lets think what we need to turn that meat into something juicy and tender that can only be enjoyed. We… Read more: How to Braai the South African way
  • Homemade Tomato Sauce Recipe
    What is more South African than a typical Braai with Wors, Chops, Steak and Pap with Homemade Tomato Sauce? It is just a way of life and there are few things nicer. This homemade tomato sauce recipe is my own that came from years of trial and error. I am not one that follows recipes… Read more: Homemade Tomato Sauce Recipe
  • Lamb Ribs Recipe or Skaapribbetjies Resep
    Getting tired of braaing lamb ribs on the braai? I was. Got this recipe from my Mother for delicious lamb ribs, rice and a lovely tomato sauce with potatoes. I remember eating this growing up and we fondly called it “Tamatie Kos”. Doing ribs on the braai has always been a bit of a battle… Read more: Lamb Ribs Recipe or Skaapribbetjies Resep
  • Fried Chicken Liver Recipe
    Homemade fried chicken liver recipe that is real quick and easy to make. I love the rich taste of chicken livers and this method stays the nicest. If you have purchased the chicken livers frozen the first step is to defrost them. Once defrosted wash the chicken livers under cold water and remove any green… Read more: Fried Chicken Liver Recipe
  • Homemade Oxtail Recipe
    Just like all things in my life I like to keep my recipes simple and uncomplicated. This is my latest Homemade Oxtail Recipe that was prepared over the weekend of 19 and 20 October 2020 for my Mothers 82nd Birthday. This is an improvement on my previous attempt. History of Oxtail In years past the… Read more: Homemade Oxtail Recipe
  • Homemade Curry Onions Recipe
    Easy to make homemade curry onions. Okay so I love curry so decided to try make curried onions. Got this recipe from my Mother and just had to give it a try. Updated 12 April 2021 Ingredients for our Curry Onions 1 kG. Small onions. 2 Eggs 175 ml. Vinegar 1 Tablespoon Corn Flour 4… Read more: Homemade Curry Onions Recipe
  • Homemade Pickled Onions
    A very simple recipe to make Homemade Pickled Onions without much fuss. The hardest job is peeling the small pickling or pearl onions. Here is a simple way of removing the skin from the onions. Cut the root ends off the onions Place the onions in boiling water for about 30 seconds After the 30… Read more: Homemade Pickled Onions
  • Homemade Pickled Chilli Recipe
    If you grow your own chilli plants at home you will possibly end up with more chillies than you can use. That is where this Homemade Pickled Chilli Recipe comes in handy. You can preserve the chillies well into the winter months. There is also the possibility of making various chilli sauces but they do not last… Read more: Homemade Pickled Chilli Recipe