This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Amsterdam, Netherlands [P0059]        
B Barberton [P0002]        
  Barbeton [P0003]        
  Beaufort West [P0017]        
  Beaufort West ? [P0043]        
  Benoni [P0000]        
  Bethulie Concentration Camp [P0031]        
  Bloemfontein [P0066]        
  Boksburg [P0026]        
  Boshof OFS [P0020]        
  Boshoff [P0001]        
  Bremen, Germany [P0061]        
  Bryanston South Africa [P0069]        
C Cape Province [P0046]        
  Chunya Tanzania [P0013]        
  Colesburg [P0004]        
  Colesburg Cape Province [P0006]        
  Colesburg, Cape Province [P0051]        
D De Aar [P0068]        
E Empangeni South Africa [P0038]        
  Enkhuizen, Noord Holland, Netherlands [P0053]        
F Frankfort OFS [P0008]        
G Germany [P0063]        
  Germany ? [P0064]        
  Germany Goppingen, Wurttemberg [P0041]        
  Germiston [P0009]        
  Glasgow Scotland [P0027]        
  Groot Zwarteberg, Swellendam, Cape [P0048]        
H Heilbron [P0018]        
  Homberg, Hesse, Germany [P0062]        
I Ireland [P0032]        
J Johannesburg [P0007]        
K Kempton Park [P0067]        
  Klerksdorp Gauteng [P0011]        
  Koup, Karoo, Cape [P0055]        
  Krugersdorp South Africa [P0035]        
L Lusaka Zambia [P0012]        
M Moshi Tanzania [P0014]        
N Nordhorn, Germany [P0060]        
O Orange Free State [P0028]        
P Paarl Cape Town ? [P0040]        
  Parys [P0021]        
  Port Elizabeth Cape Province [P0010]        
  Potchefstroom [P0024]        
  Pretoria [P0065]        
  Prince Albert, Cape [P0045]        
  Prins Albert [P0022]        
R Ratelfontein, Fraserburg, Northern Cape [P0047]        
  Roggeveld, Cape [P0054]        
  Rustenburg [P0025]        
S Scotland [P0019]        
  Scotland [P0074]   Lanarkshire    
  Sellendam, South Africa [P0042]        
  Smithfield OFS [P0005]        
  Somerset East, Eastern Cape [P0030]        
  South Africa [P0050]        
  Springs Gauteng [P0016]        
  Springs South Africa [P0034]        
  Stellenbosch, SA [P0056]        
  Stonehaven, England [P0039]        
  Swellendam, South Africa [P0044]        
U Uitenhage [P0029]        
V Vloriskraal, Klein Zwarteberg, Worcester, Cape [P0049] Worcester Cape    
  Vryheid [P0036]        
  Vryheid South Africa [P0037]        
W Wepener [P0052]        
  Westdene Johannesburg [P0023]        
  Westphalia - Nordhorn, Germany [P0058]        
  Worcestor Cape province [P0015]        
Z Zutphen, Gelderland, Netherlands [P0057]