Norvals arrive in South Africa

Norvals arrive in South Africa – In 1817 the three brothers Archibald, William and John( snr) came to the Cape as part of the Benjamin Moodie Settlers. John (snr) also brought his son John (jnr). They arrived on the ship “Brilliant” on 14 June 1817.

After Napoleon was defeated in 1815 at Waterloo the soldiers returned to there respective countries. In Europe there was unemployment and poverty as a result. After the Cape became a permanent British Colony in 1806, immigration to South Africa became an option. Benjamin Moodie gathered Scots between the ages of 18 – 25 and un married for his immigration plans. 1500 applied but only 200 were selected. They were moved to the Cape in groups of 50 aboard the ships. The first group left on the 5 May 1817 and after 11 weeks the Norvals arrive in South Africa.

Archiebald was a Comb Maker and started a business called A.N.& Co in 17 Wale (Waal?) street Cape Town on 6 December 1817. he later left and moved to the Eastern Province and married Anna Wilhelmina van Staden in 1824 at the NG Church Uitenhage.

John (snr) left Cape Town for Colesburg where he became a Horse Breeder. Colesburg became a busy town and the crossing of the Orange river became a problem. On their farm “Dapperfontein” next to the Orange River John made a barge called the “Clyde” at Port Glasgow as the area was known. This later became “Norvals Pont”. 

I dont have much information on William Norval. Any information would be welcome.

John (jnr) left Cape Town in 1828 and moved to Graaf Reinet, he was a Hat Maker. He later became interested in Sheep farming and bought the farm “Roodepoort” across the Orange River near Philippolis.

John (jnr) married Mary Jane Murray in 1831 at Graaf Reinet, the wedding was confirmed by Ds. Andrew Murray, the father of the well known Dr. Andrew Murray.