Hendrik Lourens Botes my Maternal Grandfather

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Hendrik Lourens Botes (My Maternal Grandfather) was born 14 June 1897 in Boshoff, Orange Free State and died 3 June 1956 in Farrarmere, Benoni.

His parents – Anthonie Johannes and Susanna Maria Botes

Siblings – Ellie Sophia Botes, Martha Louisa Botes, Johan Hendrik Botes and an adopted brother Charles Frederick Thomas Nobbs.

Johan Hendrik Botes was born 9/12/1891 and passed away a year later on 10/12/1892.
Ellie Sophia Botes was born 8/3/1895 and passed away 11/9/1984. She was never married. As far as I can remember she spent her whole life in Parys, Orange Free State.
Martha Luisa Botes was born 10/7/1895. She married Koos Van Coller and stayed on the farm “pyp” in Parys. They had no children. She passed away 18/5/1963
Hendrik Lourens Botes (My Grandfather) was born 14/6/1897 in Boshoff, Orange Free State. He became a Sergeant in the old South African Police. He passed away 3/6/1956.

In the British Concentration Camp

During the Anglo Boer War 1899 to 1902 he was taken with his Mother and two elder Sisters, Ellie Sophia Botes and Martha Louisa Botes, to the Kimberley Concentration Camp. They arrived on the 25 May 1901 and released on the 22 August 1902. Read more.

Hendrik Lourens Botes in South African Police

Hendrik Botes volunteered for active duty during the Second World War but was found to be unfit due to heart problems. For carrying out his Police duties during this time he was awarded the African Service Medal.

He received the following medals:

Faithful Service Medal in 1940. At age 43

African Service Medal in August of 1945. At age 48

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