Botes Family Tree since 1740

Below is the Botes Family Tree that led to me being around. Read more on the history of the surname Botes on the Botes Menu above. More people are recorded in the Family Tree.

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Antonie Botes (born 11 September 1740, Enkhuizen North Holland) married Engela Erasmus
They had 9 children.
Wietse Botes, Jacob Abraham Botes, Petrus Johannes Botes, Anna Johanna Botes, Sybrand Lourens Botes, Abraham Adriaan Botes, Antonie Johannes Jurgens Botes, Andries Stephanus Botes, Carel Frederik Botes.

Antonie Johannes Jurgens Botes (born December 1779) married Petronella Elizabeth Calitz
They had 5 children.
Helena Maria Botes, Anthonie Johannes Botes, Frederick Johannes Jacobus Botes, Wietse Lourens Botes, Engela Petronella Dorothea Botes

Antonie Johannes Botes (born 1802) married Engela Francina Snyders
They had 8 children
Zacharia Jacomina Botes, Anthonie Johannes Jurgens Botes, Lucas Marthinus Botes, Engela Francina Catharina Botes, Magdelena Johanna Maria Botes, Cornelia Susanna Elizabeth Botes, Johan Hendrik Botes, Anna Maria Botes.

Johan Hendrik Botes (born 22 June 1843) married Martha Louisa Esterhuizen
They had 3 children.
Anthonie Johannes Botes, Jan Hendrik Botes, Abraham Christoffel Botes

Anthonie Johannes Botes (born 3 October 1867 Prince Albert – Died 17 July 1898 Boshof) married Susanna Maria Botes (Born 2 February 1870 Boshof – Died 25 March 1933 Boshof)
They had 4 children and 1 adopted child
Hendrik Lourens Botes, Johan Hendrik Botes, Ellie Sophia Botes, Martha Louisa Botes, Charles Frederick Thomas Nobbs – adopted (b 1914 – married Sarah Maria Botes)

Hendrik Lourens Botes (born 14 june1897 – Died 3 June 1956) married Diana Margaret De Wit (Born 27/12/1903 – Died 15/2/1990). They married 2/6/1927
They had 2 children
Susanna Maria BotesSophia Caroline Botes

Susanna Maria Botes (born 20 October 1938) married Archibald Joseph Norval
They had 1 child (me)
Hendrik Lourens Norval

Hendrik Lourens Norval (born 2 June 1963) married Tersia Maritz (b 18/9/1965)
They have 2 children
Shaun Norval (b 21/7/1984) and Joseph Norval (b 1/7/1987)

Sophia Caroline Botes (born 5 January 1929) married Jacobus Marthinus Prinsloo (5/1/1952).