Maritz Family Tree

his will be the first attempt of the Maritz Family Tree on the information I currently have. I am hoping to take it further back but just need time. Please let me know if there is something incorrect or info that must be added. It took over 15 years to do the Norval and Botes trees, lets hope this doesn’t take so long. Contact me using the form

Pieter Johannes Maritz (b 13/8/1851 – d 17/8/1921) Married Hester Catherina de Wit (b 25/1/1850)
Not clear on how many children they had – Willem Daniel Maritz (b 6/6/1897) in Beaufort West

Willem Daniel Maritz married (20/8/1918) Engela Katriena Van Moerkerken (b 4/3/1900)
Together they had 7 children.

Willem Daniel Maritz and Family
  • Gerrit Maritz – Married to Silvia Walsh
  • Willem Daniel Maritz – Married to Cathy Erasmus
  • Helena Magdelena Maritz – Married to Corneluis Steyn
  • Hester Maritz – Married to Ben Le Roux
  • Hendrik Jacobus Maritz – Married to Ella Lotter
  • Engela Chathriena Maritz – Married to George Gouws
  • Manie Maritz (b 5/5/1938 – d 30/8/2013) – Married to Getruida Geziena Smith

Gerrit Maritz and Silvia Maritz (Walsh)
Together have 3 children – Lenet Maritz, Valerie Maritz, Willem Maritz

Gerrit Maritz and Silvia Maritz

Willem Damile Maritz and Cathy Maritz (Erasmus)
Together they have 3 children – Stanley Maritz, Jefrey Maritz, Elane Maritz

Willem Damile Maritz

Helena Magdelena Steyn (Maritz) and Cornelius Steyn
Together they have 2 children – Engela Cathariena Steyn, Colin Steyn

Helena Magdelena and Cornelius Steyn

Hester Le Roux (Maritz) and Ben Le Roux
Together they have 3 children – Hennie Le Roux, Willem Le Roux, Bennie Le Roux

Ben and Hester Le Roux

Hendrik Jacobus Maritz and Ella Maritz (Lotter)
Together they have 4 children – Chrissie Maritz, Engela Maritz, Susan Maritz, Kobus Maritz

Maritz Family Tree
Hendrik Jacobus and Ella Maritz and Family

Engela Chathriena Gouws (Maritz) and George Gouws
Together they have 3 children – Engela Gouws, Annamarie Gouws, Gianka Mostert Gouws

Maritz Family Tree
George and Engela Chathriena Gouse

Manie Maritz and Getruida Geziena Maritz (Smith)
Together they have 3 children – Vanessa Maritz, Andrea Maritz, Tersia Maritz (My wife)

Maritz Family Tree
Manie and Getruida Geziena Maritz

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