De Wit Family Tree Since 1869

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De Wit Family on my Mothers side.

Christiaan Pieter de Wit born 9/12/1869 Prins Albert- died 18/8/1959. He fought in the Boer War (1899 to 1902). He had two bullet holes in his veldt hat but apparently was not hit.
He married 1890
Sophia Caroline Kinnear born 8/3/1869 Beaufort West – died 6/9/1956. Her mother was Johanna Catharina Weeber and her father William John Kinnear.
Both Christiaan and Sophia died in Westdene, Johannesburg.

They had 6 children one daughter died at the age of 2 and is not listed below.

Christiaan Pieter de Wit born 1892 and died 1950. He had 4 children

Catherine (Kitty) de Wit born 1895 and died 28/10/1969. She had 1 son Alfred

Matthew Richard (Tys) de Wit born 1899 died 8/9/1966. He had 4 children

Frank de Wit born 30/6/1905 died 7/9/1928. Killed at age 23 on a motorcycle

Diana Margaret de Wit born 27/12/1903 died 15/2/1990. She married Hendrik Lourens Botes on 2/6/1927. They had two daughters – Susanna Maria Botes (My Mother married Archibald J Norval) and Sophia Caroline Botes.

Photos of Christiaan Pieter de Wit and Sophia Caroline Kinnear (De Wit Family)