Werewolf sightings in Benoni

Real werewolf sightings have been reported across the world and throughout history. Investigators speculate that these sightings could be misidentified Bigfoot sightings, physically deformed (diseased) humans, or the human imagination. Whatever you believe, sightings persist even today.

Werewolf in Benoni

There are cases throughout history where sightings turn out to be caused by a human. However, in other cases, sightings of unidentified creatures are extremely detailed and witnessed by many people.

Belief in humanoid beasts extends back to ancient times. Literature reflects these beliefs, as in the case of the Epic of Gilgamesh from Ancient Mesopotamia in 2,000 B.C., or the Odyssey, written in 850 B.C. These ancient beliefs eventually found their way into the civilized societies of the early part of the first millennium.

Another international occult expert has confirmed that werewolves are indeed real.

He explained that werewolves are very real, and go by many names, or sometimes just Weres, Lycanthropes, Therianthropes, Otherkin. They are people who have ascended through the ranks to the top levels of Satanism and Wicca, and can shape-shift into wolves and other animals.

Stories of people turning into wolves (and other were-animals) have been around for millennia. Perhaps the oldest of these stories is that of the Greek king Lycaon. According to legend, Lycaon was turned into a wolf for eating human flesh. Other stories say that he was turned into a wolf after sacrificing a child to the false Pagan God Zeus atop Mount Lycaeus. Every year afterward those who would sacrifice to Zeus on Mount Lycaeus, would also be turned into a werewolf as a curse.

Throughout Europe stories of werewolves and similar creatures have developed. The Un-Godly Scandinavians, for example, spoke of fighters known as ulfhednar (shapeshifters). During battle they would summon the demon spirits of animals, such as the wolf or bear, to possess them so they could fight even more ferociously in battle. Other countries where such creatures make an appearance include Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Portugal and many more.

During the 16th and 17th centuries there were several high profile and documented cases regarding “real werewolves,” primarily in France. One such case was that of Jacques Roulet, who was found hiding in some bushes feasting upon the remains of a mutilated teenage boy. Such examples of cannibalism were often seen as evidence of the person being a werewolf.

Schnoebelen, author of Christian books ‘Lucifer Dethroned’ went onto explain that within the Satanist and world, these ‘werewolves’ were used as assassins, and were the main ‘Satanic Death Squads’ used to take out their enemies!

And these werewolf legends are no exception locally..

Back in the late 80’s there used to be numerous sightings by the local people about witnessing werewolves walking on their hind legs on the mine dumps in Benoni.

An ex SAPS member also recalls about how he used to get called out to investigate strange sightings at the mine dump, as well as the residents in the flats right by the mine used to “see things” and hear howling…

Today still people recall these legends about the Benoni werewolves on the mine dumps. Kids used to get scared just driving past the dumps, and they would also convince themselves that they could see scratch marks from these werewolves on people’s doors.

But were do these werewolves come from?

All of these locals will tell you that the exact period that these sightings were reported, activities of satanism at the nearby mine dumps were rife. Dead cats, pentagrams, candles and evidence of drug usage were found at these sights. People used to tell stories of “demon worshippers running over their roofs at night”.

Apparently the Benoni City Times had extensive reports on these, none of which can be found today in the archives.

Are the werewolves Sightings Real?

Whatever was seen in each of the werewolf sighting cases may never be proven to be a “real” werewolf. However, with so many sightings across the world and throughout history, it’s undeniable that something is out there, something that looks part man, part beast, and does horrific things to its victims.

Article from the Facebook Page of Phoenix Paranormal South Africa