Barcode Scanner to read Barcodes on Screens

I often get asked for an inexpensive barcode scanner that will read barcodes on screens. There are applications where a barcode, either 1D or 2D, needs to be scanned on a smartphone screen.

There are many of the CCD type scanners that are capable of this. A few days ago I tested a few and found the perfect barcode scanner to do this.

The Entry Level Datalogic Quickscan QW2420 Lite reads 1D and 2D codes off a smart phone easily. We tested it with normal 1D Linear barcodes and 2D QR Codes. We tried different size barcodes and the scanner performed very well.

The QW2420 emits white illumination together with a blue dot for aiming at the barcode. When the scanner reads and decodes the barcode it throws the green dot onto the screen together with a green LED on the scanner and an audible beep.

Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology provides good-read feedback in noisy environments. The internal beeper can be silenced for quiet environments. This makes it ideal in an office environment.

If you need a cordless Bluetooth scanner to read barcodes on screens then I can suggest the Datalogic QBT2430 Bluetooth Scanner.

The QBT2430 scanner reads 1D, 2D and QR barcodes on screens of Smart Devices quite easily. The QBT2430 offers a 25 meter range between itself and the base station.

This scanner also has a blue aiming system and the green dot after a good scan. The green dot is visible in the picture above.

Featuring Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, the QuickScan QBT2400 2D imager can transmit data to the host through its base station as well as to any commercial or embedded Bluetooth compliant device.

The QBT2400 2D imager can also be connected to any tablet using either iOS or Android operating systems via the Bluetooth HID profile.

An innovative, long lasting and user replaceable Li-Ion battery package allows the simultaneous replacement of battery and scanner contacts to allow a refresh of the most significant parts related to mobile products functionality.

A microUSB port on the scanner foot allows an auxiliary method for battery recharging and also allows the product to be used without the cradle.

Conclusion for scanners that read barcodes of screens

I have personally tested both these models and can safely say that they read barcodes of computer, tablet and smart phone screens quite easily.

For more information on the QW2420 and the QBT2430 go to JNS Technologies website.