Natural Treatment for Gout You Can Try At Home

This is my personal Natural Treatment for Gout that I have been experimenting with for a number of years. I had been suffering the excruciating pain since around my mid 30’s.

This is by no means a medical remedy but it has worked for me. I have not had another attack of gout for approximately two years now.

gout in the ankle

I suffered gout in both ankles and big toes on both feet. At times my ankles were swollen and red and I could not put any weight on my feet.

These attacks would sometimes last about 2 weeks if left untreated and I just knew that once it started, it would spread to my other ankle and toes.

I was put on Puricos pills but after a few weeks I really suffered from side effects like drowsiness, headaches and kidney pain. So I rather decided to look for a natural remedy.


An old friend from the Air Force days suggested I try taking the natural Moringa Capsules. I started taking three capsules a day and could start feeling the effects after approximately 3 weeks.

There was a definite improvement in my joints and I felt quite a lot healthier than before. My blood pressure, which I do take medication for, became much lower and stable.

Moringa capsule for natural treatment of gout
Moringa Capsules

Natural Treatment for Gout

The gout unfortunately did not disappear completely after using Moringa. I would still get the occasional attacks but not so severe as before.

I started taking Cod Liver Oil capsules after a recommendation and this took the pain away in my shoulders which had been bothering me for years. So this was an added bonus.

At night after supper I would drink a glass of water with Bicarbonate of Soda to lower the Uric acid in my body. But this didn’t seem to have any effect on the gout.

Cancerbush Herbal Tea Sutherlandia frutescens

My wife popped into our local pharmacy some time ago and was talking to the pharmacist about gout and joint pains. He suggested we try drinking Cancerbush Tea.

To cut a long story short – its been approximately two years, drinking the Moringa Capsules and the Cancerbush tea, that I have never had another gout attack.

I don’t consume much alcohol but do not eat very healthy. Too much red meat etc etc but never a pain in my joints again.

Cancerbush herbal tea for gout

This combination of Moringa and Cancerbush has really helped me with my quality of life and I can not stop recommending these two natural products.

Whether it will work for everyone, I dont know but I do know that you should give it a go and see what it does.

Please comment below if you have received any pain relief from the above suggestions or what has helped you in the gout struggle.

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