NG Kerk in Reaper Street Farrarmere

I was a member of the Afrikaans Dutch Reformed Church (NG Kerk) virtually my whole life which started in 1963. Even though I didn’t attend many of the services over the last few years, the church had been an anchor in my life.

My family had so much history that revolved around the Church. My Mom and Dad were married in the Church on 6 May 1961.

I came along in June of 1963 and was Christened in the Church, attended Sunday School, which was quite a battle as I grew up English and went to English schools. This resulted in me being rather a quite chap during Sunday School Classes.

I was confirmed into the church around 1980, I need to check the exact date and will update. After being confirmed my Dad and I decided to become more involved with the Church. My Dad became a Ouderling (Elder) and I a Diaken (Deacon). We did this for a number of years.

It was in 1982 that I first saw the girl walking into Church one Sunday morning and I just knew that I had to get to know her. My Folks had seen me eyeing this girl and when we got home I realized that they knew who she was.

After much begging and pleading I eventually convinced my Mom to tell me who she is. It turned out that my Parents and her Parents were actually friends. After a look into the phone book at the time and a couple of phone calls, I eventually got to talk to Tersia Maritz! Exciting times.

So yep, the Church played an important part in what my life is today. We didn’t get married in the Farrarmere NG Kerk but in a Church in Pretoria as I was in the Air Force at the time and a member of the Pretoria “Gemeente”.

Both our Sons were baptized in the Farrarmere NG Kerk. So you can gather that the Farrarmere NG Kerk was a huge part of my life and every time I passed the Church, while riding down Wordsworth Street I got fond memories of what was.

It was with great dismay that I learnt that the Church Building was to be torn down and a bigger and I suppose “modern” one was to be built in its place.

The day I took these photos of the broken rock that used to be so important in my life, tears ran down my cheeks. Makes one realize that nothing should be taken for granted and nothing lasts forever. We must cherish what we have now, in a second it could be gone.

In short – the NG Kerk Farrarmere was the building block of where I am today with a Wife of 36 years, two awesome sons, an amazing Daughter In Law and two of the best Grand Children ever! Not forgetting a Loving Mother too! If it was not for her, I wouldn’t be here. Miss my Old Man more that I can express – Archibald Joseph Norval 15 April 1936 to 4 May 2015 R.I.P