Lamb Ribs Recipe or Skaapribbetjies Resep

Getting tired of braaing lamb ribs on the braai? I was. Got this recipe from my Mother for delicious lamb ribs, rice and a lovely tomato sauce with potatoes. I remember eating this growing up and we fondly called it “Tamatie Kos”.

Doing ribs on the braai has always been a bit of a battle for me. The marinade and outside always seems to burn black before the meat under the fat layer is done. This method of cooking the lamb ribs solves the problem.

The ribs were purchased from the awesome selection of meat at Oakfields Pick n Pay Nothmead.

Cooking the Lamb Ribs Slowly

Add some water to a rather large cooking pot. The water should cover the bottom to about 10 mm. Cut the ribs into rather large pieces and place in the pot. Cut up two large onions and place the pieces between the ribs.

Add salt and any other spice you like, set the stove on slow heat (In my case setting 1). Put on the lid and let the ribs slowly cook for about 2 hours. After the 2 hours check on the lamb ribs. The meat should be tender and almost falling from the bones, if not leave for another 30 minutes and check again.

The ribs will be a rather white colour which is normal but the pot will contain quite a bit of the fat that has come out from the meat – keep it!

Braai the ribs over the coals or in the oven

Now the Lamb Ribs recipe calls for the meat to be grilled to perfection. You can do this over the coals or placed in a tray in the oven. Braai or grill the meat until you have the traditional golden brown colour. You will know when they are done 🙂

The tomato sauce

Take the pot that contains the fat that had cooked out of the ribs and the onions and slowly bring to a boil. Peel about 6 tomato’s, cut them up and add them to the pot. Lower the heat somewhat and put on the lid.

After about 30 minutes the tomato’s should be soft. If you like curry add about 2 teaspoons of mild curry to the sauce. Add some pre-cooked potatoes to the pot and let cook for another couple of minutes. If it is very thin and watery add some corn flower, stirring continuously until the sauce thickens. Taste and if necessary add some salt or any other spice you like.

Finally ready to eat old fashioned Lamb Ribs Recipe

Dish up a good portion of rice and pour the tomato sauce and potatoes over the rice. Grab the lamb rib and enjoy a really old style lamb ribs recipe like your Grand Mom would have made.