Fried Chicken Liver Recipe

Homemade fried chicken liver recipe that is real quick and easy to make. I love the rich taste of chicken livers and this method stays the nicest.

Fried Chicken Liver

If you have purchased the chicken livers frozen the first step is to defrost them. Once defrosted wash the chicken livers under cold water and remove any green or black bits. You can cut off the fatty bits but I prefer not to.

Place the cleaned livers in a plate and coat them with a mixture of salt, flour and Cayenne Pepper.

Fried Chicken Liver Method

Heat some olive or vegetable oil in a pan over medium heat. The oil should be hot enough to sizzle when you place the livers in the pan.

Add the flour coated livers to the pan and let the magic begin. Don’t turn them to often – rather wait until they have turned a golden brown on the underside before turning.

Before they are cooked through add some onion to the pan and fry the livers and the onions together.

Add more salt and black pepper to taste – Grab a plate and enjoy 🙂

Fried Chicken Liver